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These demo computations contain data for 1999-2004 SUVs sold in America.

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The Non-Subjective Valuing® Comparative Rating Guide

Rating the value-affecting attributes

Most of us tend to rate every quality "important," or higher, forgetting that we usually need tradeoffs and that virtually none of us has an unlimited budget. The word "comparative" means that we must consider the relative importance of each factor versus the other seven factors.

Example, if comfort is not as important to us as reliability, we should rate them differently, and if popularity is more important than the consensual opinion of the experts, again, let's not rate them the same.

Of course, if two or more factors have the same importance level, giving them the same rating is correct.

10 = essential (nonnegotiable, critical quality)

9 = extremely significant

8 = very important

7 = important

6 = of more than average moment

5 = of average(normal) portent

4 = of less than average importance

3 = of little consequence

2 = of very little moment

1 = almost negligible

0 = of no importance whatsoever

Reliability Performance Safety Roominess
Experts' Consensus Economy Comfort Popularity
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