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How to make the best possible new Supermini deal

One advantage of the present system is that once we learn which new vehicle is the most valuable for us, the shopping process for the best price for our selected target CAR may begin, based on a well-informed starting point. Before the following steps are taken, make a decision to “have a good time no matter what” and then enjoy the process.

A rule of thumb for figuring a good deal for a brand new car prior to the appearance of next years’ models is probably around 8.5 % off the listed price.

The below steps are a very effective way to purchase a new Supermini, provided your mind is made up to forget any deal with which you are not 100% comfortable.

When you are truly ready to walk away, taking advantage of you, suddenly becomes difficult!

Generally, leasing represents more opportunities for unpleasant surprises for the customer, due to fine print clauses in the contract.

Avoiding buying a Supermini in its initial model year of production is a good idea since at that point the manufacturer had little chance to correct design problems.

1. After comparing inventories by consulting IntelliChoice or a similar online data-providing company that lists available options and their prices, select the precise make, model, style, trim, color and all extras you want (such as power windows, air conditioning, CD player, etc.) and write it all down. Resist the dealer trying to sell you options not on your list.

2. When you are ready to buy, be patient and spend time to telephone the sales managers of all relevant dealerships (or at least 5) within 30 miles of your home, or further, if needed. This method can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It is worth it. Remember, new car warranties will be honored at the authorized factory dealer closest to your home, no matter where you buy the vehicle.

3. Tell each sales manager that you are prepared to purchase the selected Supermini now, and that you are comparison-shopping. List for him the precise make, model, style, trim, color and extras you selected. Apples must be compared with apples, or best price determination is impossible. For now, forget trade-ins, destination charge, dealers’ prep, title, leasing cost and terms, down payment, advice you got from other buying guides, interest rates, rebates, tax and license, dealer incentives, invoices, monthly payment schedule, insurance, hold back, and every other item unrelated to the actual real-life, unclouded sales price of the target car. Some sales people may be very experienced in confusing a prospective buyer with extraneous material.

4. Ask the sales managers to fax you the precise sale price of the car you want, with an ID number, and all options listed, whether the car is on the lot, (or if not, how long would it take for the dealer to get it), and for what period of time this quoted price would remain operative.

5. After you receive these faxes from the dealers (drop non-participants), you will now know the dealership offering you the best deal.

6. Call that dealership, and ask the sales manager further to discount the price to what you can afford and believe you should pay, and if he agrees, ask him to fax you the new deal. Read the fax carefully to be sure it includes all on which you agreed.

7. Now you probably have the best deal you can have.

8. If you have a trade-in, this is the time to talk about it with the dealer, fairly considering your vehicle’s condition and wholesale price as a guide for what you should get for it, and even taking it to a few used-car dealers to see for what you could actually sell it.

9. Assuming that after you create your pie on™ and then decide to check out relatively underpriced Superminis with pleasing style, good reputation, affordable price, correct size, acceptable safety rating and so on; your all-important, thorough test drive ought to include your personally noting and rating ride quality, handling, comfort, roominess, steering, brakes, acceleration, entry/exit ease, visibility, noise and the audio system in order of importance to you.