Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does your data come from?
A. In addition to our own research and surveys, we utilize/analyze data from Departments of Transportation and Commerce, Insurance Institutes, manufacturers published specs and stats, industry and independent publications, and government and a great number of reliable non-governmental sources.

Q. Who are your competitors?

A. We do not know of any other service that provides monetary value independent of price.

Q. Can Non-Subjective Valuing®be used for discovering the true monetary worth of other than cars?

A. Yes. You name it.

Q. Can we invest in Carvalu.com™?

A. Yes.

Q. Will you expand your service to include all cars, including used ones?

A. Yes. The patented and patent pending used car application is especially useful since it goes way beyond market research. After all, market research indicates only what people who know very little about something pay for it.

Q. Will you accept advertisements from automobile manufacturers?

A. No.

Q. Is SORTING BY ATTRIBUTE proprietary to Carvalu.com™?

A. Yes. Others using it are doing so illegally unless they license the method from us.

Q. What if I get a bona fide, binding quote from a dealer for a base-equipped supermini that is much lower than the listed price?

A. After you unearth what comparable superminis are monetarily worth to you, based on your Carvalu.com™ WIP pie, you can easily make your own comparison to see where you save the most money. For instance, let’s say you are comparing supermini ”A” with supermini “B”, and “A” is priced at 15.000 Euros, but based on your preferences, to you, it is really only worth 14,000 Euros. In contrast, supermini “B” is priced at 16,000 Euros, but due to your specific value system, it is calculated by Carvalu.com™ to be worth 17,000 Euros to you. If you buy “A” for 15,000 Euros, you actually lose1.000. If you buy “B” for 16,000, you are really saving 1.000 Euros.

Q. How do you justify declaring the “True Value” of something? For over 3000 years, man could not find the answer to this question!

A. There is a psychological determination, or judgment, behind the claim for the value unearthed by Non-Subjective Valuing® being “the” value…
One could reasonably ask: On what basis can Carvalu.com™ claim that the value judgment of an optimally informed society represents the true value of a supermini or anything else?

This is the logic.

Optimally informed means knowing and understanding everything the observer desires to know and understand about a probed entity, as set forth in the book HOW TO TELL WHAT THINGS ARE REALLY WORTH. (Available at Amazon.com) Inside Carvalu.com™ there is sort of a Deep Blue, the IBM computer that played world champion Kasparov in 1997 and won. A perfect expert on superminis resides in our system, which can beat any human!

Most people think that whether one supermini is better or worse than another can be objectively judged.

Where? How? and By whom? are the questions we do not consciously think about. But we inevitably feel that an absolute authority, somewhere, somehow, does have a universal, final, definitive answer . . . for everything!

In fact, the very concept of a higher being seems to be destined to attempt to fulfill this apparently inherent human need for “existing certainty” about things being one way. It is only that “we might not quite understand exactly what that way is, due to lack of information and/or a lack of ability to understand such information”.

We seem to have to believe that what “is”, is ultimately knowable, even if not by us and not now.

Man appears to have been created with this yearning, proving that inherently we want absolute truth figured out by a just a yardstick. Ultimate uncertainty about right and wrong is surmised to be an unbearable prospect. Of course, which supermini is better, is not the most important question, but this application nevertheless demonstrates the workings of the <Non-Subjective Valuing® science.

Since the lack of correct, complete and understood information appears to be the decisive cause of not knowing correct value, and since Non-Subjective Valuing® conclusively remedies this problem, it seems that, for once, the word and meaning of “is”, is correct as to the results of the Non-Subjective Valuing® procedure. This method unearths both collective consciousness and communal conscience, virtually creating the answers to questions we collectively hope a perfect arbiter would ultimately give!

It is proposed here that since we feel that value is ultimately determinable, we subconsciously experience that if imparted complete and totally understood information about something, the result is the ability to determine the thing’s actual worth.
Superminis are no exception.