Status Symbol

Prestige Value has Real Monetary Worth

In the long experience of the inventor of patented Non-Subjective Valuing®, even to ourselves, we will not admit the great importance of status symbol to us. As a result, for now, Carvalu.comTM leaves that often decisive quality to the User to measure. We hold that prestige value is real value and that it is perfectly OK to pay for that value. The Non-Subjective Valuing® developed by the inventor must be self-administered in your own privacy. You write down on a piece of paper (which you later shred), how much money you would be willing to pay for a brand new, fully loaded BMW Supermini, if solely for appearances it were made to look like a Tata Nano. (In other words, YOU would know that you own a BMW, but others would think that it is a Tata Nano!) This will give you an honest picture of what percentage of your money goes for prestige ("show off") value.

Scientific Appraisals of Non-Subjective Valuing®
“...this method can actually tell what things are really worth...”
Dr. Arthur Laffer, inventor of The Laffer Curve
“...the best valuing system invented to date...”
Professor Michael Scriven, author of the Evaluation Thesaurus
“...IT WORKS!...”
The U.S. Commerce Department-recommended Innovation Institute