Improving Democracy

Improving the free market system by eliminating asymmetric information the other 500,000+ Non-Subjective Valuing®applications that follow) allows consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, the government, professionals, service providers and so on to learn the true monetary value of anything at all based on what it is, has and does, not on anything else. We think that those are the qualities for which buyers want to pay, not for subtle promotion, biased and openly partial commercials, unreasonably high wages or production costs, unfair bonuses for company executives and/or undeserved monetary awards to successful salesmen.

Subjective evaluation of all relevant determinations are successfully eliminated by this new science.

Patented Non-Subjective Valuing®wants to see manufacturers and providers of services improve what they offer, not the marketing of it.

If one can visit our sites to learn the true value of a product or service, then self-serving ads and misrepresenting salesmen will suddenly become less important market factors. As Sigmund Freud might say: the ultimate subconscious wish of both seller and buyer is to get everything for nothing. What car salesman would refuse to accept from a willing buyer $100,000 for a car on his lot for which he had paid $10,000 the day before? Given a willing seller, what buyer would refuse to purchase that car for $1,000? But if both buyer and seller are ideally informed about the actual monetary importance of something: all honest traders win.

Patented Non-Subjective Valuing® answers the challenge of asymmetric information in the marketplace.

Please alert us to unauthorized copycats of our patented and patent pending system who might masquerade as providers of scientifically sound numbers, but who really do not.